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Colorado Kids Crate


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Greeting Card Designs

A greeting card with your personalized message is included in each crate!

Hanging Lake

Maroon Spring

Shrine Pass

Vail Winter

What's inside?

Puzzle Pi – Fidget Midget
This toy is nothing to scoff at, with 2 rows of colored marbles, its perfect for fidgeting with if you have restless tendencies, as well as its amazing puzzle solving capabilities!

Poly Puzzles – Tippe Top – solid color
A top which flips over when spun. Known for its counterintuitive behavior that after being spun rapidly enough with the stem upwards, the top refuses to sit on its rounded end, and proceeds to turn upside-down to rotate on its elongated stem.

Lily’s Dough – Playdough
Owned by a 7-year-old! All natural, non-toxic playdough is handmade with love using quality organic ingredients, plant-based dyes, and scented with essential oils. Awakens all senses by incorporating so many different textures and scents.

Crazy Crayons – Eco Stars
In conjunction with the National Recycling Program, Crazy Crayons color just like any other crayon, because nothing is taken away in the recycling process. Crayons are non-toxic and completely safe – and super unique!

Zome Tool – Pyramid Puzzle
65 different tetrahedra from a mere handful of parts; this mathematical riddle is rooted in the wisdom of the Ancients. Solve the mystery of the ages!