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Colorado Breathe-Easy Kit


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Greeting Card Designs

A greeting card with your personalized message is included in each crate!

Hanging Lake

Maroon Spring

Shrine Pass

Vail Winter

What's inside?

High Country Candles – Colorado Spa
This organic blended, hand-poured candle is the most sustainable and cleanest on the market. Being 90% coconut wax (the most luxurious, expensive wax) and 10% soy wax, this candle burns slower and holds the all-natural, clean, relaxing scent much, much longer. 8 oz tin.

Solandra – Apothecary Relax’in Fizzie Bath Salts
8 oz. Includes a beautiful reusable bag for easy tub cleanup. Effervescent wafts of rose petals and lavender rise as the minerals and skin-soothing properties of Himalayan salts , rose clay, chamomile flowers, lavender buds, rose petals and organic oatmeal surround your skin.

Solandra – Sista’s Body Butter
2 oz. This took 2 years to create but the efforts were worth it! High quality Shea butter, avocado & grapeseed oils is combined with other eco-friendly ingredients that melt and glide onto your skin. Rich in antioxidants, linoleic acid and vitamins B1, B2, D & E.

Bee Grateful Farm – Salted Honey Caramels
Freshly made with local honey, these melt away in your mouth with hints of toasted vanilla, sweet cream and golden honey. These are the best caramels you have ever tasted!

Moksha Chocolate – Vegan Chocolate Square
Artisan small-batch premium chocolate